Here we have an implementation of the classic code-breaking game - MasterMind H5.
It has been written in HTML5, JavaScript with some jQuery, and CSS3.
The game works well in FireFox, Chrome and Safari. Not so well in IE.
Comments and bug reports can be sent to me at: will.autio at

Your browser does not support the HTML5 canvas tag. Please try Chorme, FireFox or IE9.


MasterMind Instructions:

This is an HTML5 implementation of the classic MasterMind game. The computer has randomly created a code.

Your mission is to determine the code by assigning a color to each of the circles on the first row (select a color from the column on the right and then click the position to which you would like to assign that color.)

The colors do not have to be unique - [blue] [blue] [green] [green] is a valid combination.
When you are ready to see how you did at assigning colors, click Test Guess. Your score will appear in the small circles to the right of the row.
- A black score means that a color is correct and in the correct position.
- A white score means that a color is correct, but in the wrong position.

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